Dog Rain Coat

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Just like their owners, dogs vary in their tolerance for nasty weather. Some are fearless, rough-and-tumble pups willing to go outdoors in anything short of a typhoon, but others refuse to venture out in even the lightest sprinkles.

Nevertheless, dogs at both ends of this spectrum can benefit from wearing a raincoat or slicker, which will help protect them from the elements.

Why Use a Dog Raincoat?

The purpose of a raincoat is fairly obvious, but many owners fail to appreciate the diverse array of benefits they provide to both you and your dog. For example:

 Raincoats keep your dog drier while walking in bad weather. Many dogs, especially many small breeds, do not like to get wet. Some might even refuse to go potty at all in wet weather! But, once protected by a good raincoat, these dogs become more confident and willing to go out in the rain. Also, by keeping your dog drier on walks, you’ll avoid filling your home with that wet dog smell.

 Raincoats keep your dog cleaner while splashing in puddles. In addition to getting wet, dogs often get dirty while walking around in the rain. Raincoats help to keep mud and muck from splashing up onto your dog’s fur, which will also help keep your house cleaner and save you from constant full-body bathing sessions.

 Raincoats keep your dog warmer in wet and windy weather. Malamutes, Newfoundlands and other big, thick-coated breeds may not become chilled while walking in chilly winter downpours, but most dogs can be at risk for hypothermia anytime the weather is wet and cold or windy. Fortunately, raincoats will keep your dog a bit warmer and help shield him from the wind.

 Raincoats help make your dog more visible to motorists. Rainy weather is low-visibility weather, so you’ll always want to make sure motorists can see your dog well. Fortunately, most rain coats (especially those with bright, punchy colors) help improve the visibility of your dog.

 Dog Raincoats are adorable. I’m not the biggest fan of cutesy dog clothes, but even I must admit that many of them are pretty darn cute. And that’s good enough reason to get one for your dog in my book.


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