Dog Rubber Toy

  • €14,99

Does your pet spend too much time biting into things it shouldn't? Is it too energetic and can't seem to calm down? You should play with your pet, but to do that you need proper toys. This Rubber Toy is the perfect solution for you. It has a built in squeaker to keep your pet entertained and its unique design will also brush its teeth while doing so.

  • The mid section is designed to be flexible so your pet can bite it from any angle.
  • The side sections have brush like bumps so your pet can clean it's molars while it plays.
  • The toy has a squeaker inside to increase your pets attention to it.
  • The TPR(Thermoplastic Rubber) makes the toy flexible, bite resistant and easy to clean.
  • Material: TPR(Thermoplastic Rubber)
  • Small size: 5cm * 12cm / 4.72" * 1.97 "
  • Large size: 5cm * 18cm / 7.09" * 1.97"

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