Dog Seat Belt

  • €19,99

A loose pet in a car may as well be a neon sign warning, "accident ahead". Why risk that when you can simply attach their harness to a seat belt?

Free roaming pets may distract the driver, whose main attentions should be on the road. Pets might jump into the driver's lap, obstruct the driver's view or even get tangled in the gas or brake pedals, leaving the driver unable to control the car.
Pets should always be restrained, and depending on the size and type of animal, restraints vary from harnesses and belts to crates and cages to car seats and other barriers. Unrestrained, pets could be catapulted into the passenger cabin during an accident or sudden stop.


  • Breakaway, Quick Release
  • Adjustable length: About 43-74 cm
  • Width: 2.5 cm

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